The Solution

We have invented a new device that provides the  proper  application of  anesthetics.  Our device is equipped with a new  imaging  system  that  can  determine  whether  the  anesthetics  are  applied properly. The  current  devices  cannot  determine  whether  the  patient  has  received  a  sufficient number of anesthetics prior to intubation. We have developed a new imaging system  and software to be used in the anesthetic application during the intubation process.

It is generally desirable to  apply an  anesthetic  agent  in a  substantially uniform coating to reduce waste and  avoid  over-, or under-,  medication.  Application  of  anesthetic  topically  by  way  of  a transfer medium, such as a sponge, often produces a substantially  non-uniform  coating  of  agent on the patient’s tissue,  as  well as  physically  imposing  on  non-anesthetized  areas.  Squirting  an anesthetic agent from the nozzle of a syringe, e.g., as a jet, is equally unsatisfactory, and wasteful. Known misting nozzle arrangements are not satisfactory to  apply  anesthetic  agent  in  all  desired areas for an endotracheal intubation procedure.

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