About Us

AIMIC is  an  innovative  medical  device  manufacturer with  a mission  to  improve patient’s  care  through  innovation  in medical  devices,  specifically  in the  field of laryngoscopy.  AIMIC’s  current  product  aims   to  improve   the  efficiency  in  the application  of  anesthetic  fluids  in  medical  procedures,  such as  intubation  and improving the emergency treatment  for  Chronic  Obstructive  Pulmonary  Disease (COPD). AIMIC’s device provides the healthcare providers  with  more  feedback on how well they are performing procedures  with an innovative,  patent-pending, and state-of-the-art imaging aerosol application of the anesthetics.

Are you a surgeon?

Here is a novel system to improve the anesthetic aerosol application.

Equipped with cameras

Make sure that anesthetic laryngoscopy is done properly.